Thursday, September 4, 2008

Taking the Plunge...

I realize that mixing politics into friendly speak is like mixing water with oil. You just don't do it. However, a Blog it isn't necessarily polite conversation. It's me voicing my thoughts, concerns and opinions with no intent of getting into a policital debate and with no intent of harming friendships. We all have the ability to chose our politics and the reasons for which we believe. I have been amazed at the vast differences between the two major candidates this fall. In my opinion (which I surely have one) there is no way you can ride the fence between these two. It's either black or white; Republican or Democrat; McCain or Obama.

The biggest decision affecting my vote this year is morals. I know. I am simplistic, unaware, uninformed---call me what you will. However, I am a mother concerned for the future of her children. I am not ashamed of my views and only wish the world thought just like me. I don't live in a bubble; although I would like to put my children in one.

I am completely selfish. I don't really give a rip about criminal civil rights, terrorists having current visas or the next child sex-offender getting a good nights sleep. Just not some of the things keeping me up at night.

If you did not get a chance to watch Gov. Sarah Palin speak the other night, I am sorry. You missed a real treat. I have to admit that the things she said were quite consistent with my beliefs. She opposes abortion, favors vouchers for schools, promotes creationism in schools and actually believes that "individuals can make better choices than the government." How can you argue with that?!

I agree that socialized health care is a losing proposition and that the only way America is going to change is when individual people start being responsible for their own actions and start making good choices with the God given talents and resources that He has blessed us with. No social program is going to change the mind-set of a generation of Americans who feel entitled and oppressed by the government and American way of life.

Now, here is the clincher: (this was taken from the blog of a fellow Christian)

As much as I care about politics (which is more than some and less than others), I do not believe that being heavily politically involved is the ultimate answer to what ails our country. Someone is going to win the next presidential race and when that person is chosen to be our leader, it will not surprise God. He allows leaders to be used in this world for all sorts of reasons. And all for His ultimate glory.

I could sit here all day and try to get you to not vote for Obama, or to agree with Sarah Palin. But I won't! Because I believe God has bigger things for me to do.

Who you and I choose to spend our eternities with after we die is ever so much more important than who we choose to serve the next presidential term.

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~~Kerri~~ said...

Good job Kate adn well put....