Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let's Go To The Movies!

Once again, I have an Annie showtunes in my head...."Let's go to the movies....let's go see the stars." Oh, I digress...

Friday was a yucky day; rainy and quite dreary. I knew it was going to be a long night if we did not find something to do. So, Erik and me and the girls played outside all afternoon. We read books in the rocking chair and rode bikes till we were tired. Then Erik grilled dinner and we put the girls in for an early bath. After bath, we had a surprise for them. I had set up the playroom like a "theatre" with a big fluffy blanket spread on the flooor, a huge bowl of popcorn and dimmed the lights. We had our first official "Family Movie Night." We watched Shrek 3 and all had a great time! Lucy was most excited because she had never had popcorn before. (she has recently grown out of a corn allergy)

Ella has asked twice already for another movie night. I can guarantee you that Family Movie Night is now a tradition.


nicole said...

We have a "Family Movie Night," too, and my boys love it! We just brought it back last weekend while watching "Nemo" for what has to be the millionth (is that even a word?) time!!! I looked up and realized we hadn't had a movie night at home since baby sister was born! Yikes!It's a great thing for everybody!

Laura Dawson said...

I agree...we love our movie nights too. My kids get just as excited about that as they do going to the movie theater or to the zoo or anywhere else that is a lot of trouble and costs $!