Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Funny Little Lulu

If I had had a blog when Ella was born, I would have posted beautiful pictures of her everyday. She has been so photogenic since the day she was born. I have photo albums full of pictures of her. I never scrapbooked, but I can organize a photo album with the best of them! So now that Ella is as school every morning, Lucy and I have a lot of time to play. And that's what we do! Play!

I have told you before that Lucy is my clown. She loves to laugh and make you laugh. She smiles this adorable smile with her crooked teeth and squinty eyes. You just can't help but love her. I wanted to share a couple of pics I took of her being "her." Silly and all! The last pic, however, is the beautiful Lucy. The one I love more and more every day.

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nicole said...

She is so pretty! I just posted a funny story about my funny man, Jonah, too. What is it about those #2 children and the humor they bring to our lives?