Saturday, September 20, 2008

Been Farmin' Long?

I took ella to the Dr. on Thursday and when we got home she and Lucy played at Nanny and Pops' house. Ella and Lucy ended up riding 4-wheelers with Pops and the following ensued... Mr. Wade Cromwell was harvesting corn and the girls were fascinated with the combines. Mrs. Lisa came over and asked if they wanted to ride. Well, of course they did. Nevermind that the girls had never met Wade before. They both jumped into his arms and off they went. He let them ride for probably 20 min. or so. He is SO cool! He even had snacks in the combine. How did he know to be so prepared? They both cried when my dad took them off.
Thanks Wade and Lisa for making my girl's afternoon!


Amy said...

I don't know what could be more enjoyable. When I was their age, I too enjoyed riding on the combines, cotton pickers, and tractors with my family. I miss those days! Next you need to find someone with a module builder so the girls can jump in the cotton.

Sarah said...

when i was little i always rode with my grandad in the cotton picker. we'd ride til late at night and eat all his candy he had stashed in there. you're making great memories for those girls:)