Sunday, September 7, 2008

Party #3!

It has become quite a joke around our house that it's not Ella's birthday until we have celebrated at least 3 times. Her 4th birthday was marked by 5 occasions; each one with a different cake. It just seems that having your birthday on a National Holiday weekend lends itself to a lot of celebrating! So, this year we had a party on Friday night, a party at the lake and then a party at school. Pretty lame year for us. Only 3 parties! Here are some pictures of the school party:

Lulu loved every minute she spent in Ella's classroom. She immediately went to "centers" and I had to drag her out! Isn't the U of M outfit cute? Don't look closely at the collar, as it was the first one I did when I made this for Ella.

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~lillie~ said...

i love this picture of Lucy, i don't know what it is but she is just so naturally pretty.

PS: Kyle thinks that whatever age you are thats how many parties you should have! what happened to one birthday, one party?? too funny