Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bye Bye Fa-Fa

As I have mentioned before, my girls are as different at night and day. For instance, I could not get Ella to take a pacifier to save her life, or mine! However, my Lucy not only takes a pacifier, or fa-fa as she calls it, but also has a blankie and baby doll. I have known for some time that it was time to do away with the fa-fa. I kept saying that after our last big trip of the summer I would fight the battle. I knew in my heart though that I was just not ready to. To me, it was not that big of a deal. I actually kind of liked it. I reminded me that she was still my baby.
Part of mine and Erik's decision for me to stay at home was so that I could be the one to nurture my babies on a daily basis. I am the one they get to go to when they are sad, happy or scared. That fa-fa was a comfort to Lucy. It would calm her down almost instantly in any situation. Sleeping on her own was never even a big deal because she had it. Now, everything is different.
This weekend at the lake her fa-fa fell into the water. I knew that even though I had 2 more in my beach bag this was a sign that it was finally time. We told her that Nemo ate her fa-fa and that it was gone-gone. Do you know that she has never checked up? Kept going on like it was no big deal. This whole time I expected it to be a huge ordeal..... maybe I even wanted it to be a big deal. She went to bed the first night without it like a big girl and I cried. If I am honest I will admit that I am still sad about it. I am the one who misses fa-fa. Or do I just relish the idea of my lu lu growing up?


Sarah said...

aw, i hate you're missing the fa-fa kate! now i know what to get you for christmas! ha! seriously though, i was sad when grace gave up her passy too. i kept an "emergency" one that i almost got out a million times just b/c i missed seeing that baby face with the passy. why not? we want them to stay babies forever! but, you did the right thing. if nemo could thank you he would:) maybe we'll go fishing and give lilly's to nemo too.

the freckled frog said...

I knew something was different about Lucy today...no fa fa! She's growing up - along with her size 7 foot. It is sad...maybe it means it's time for another.
Baby Parr #2 would love to have Baby Krull #3 as a playmate.

April Howard said...

oh, i remember that day! right before brie turned 2 we gave her passy to the baby reindeer christmas eve when santa came. we sat it out for them with the milk and cookies!

~lillie~ said...

oh, i know how you feel. kyle called is "khaki" and i am not going to mention how old he was when he finally gave his up. old enough to do it on his own and i missed it as much as him. i agree with kendra, i think its time for Baby Krull #3, thirty-one is a perfect age for having a baby!