Friday, September 26, 2008

Crocs...For Better or For Worse

Ok, so I totally realize that those are wedding vows. I would never intend to belittle the very vows I recited with my wonderful, loving husband. However, I have another love in my life that I must tell you about. We have had a relationship for over 2 years now. "He" has witnessed the birth of my second born child and has stuck with me through the days where I have been on my feet all day long. Doing dishes, laundry, etc. "He" is a great travel companion and "he" is the first thing I need in the early morning.

"He" is my favorite pair of Crocs flip-flops. I am not sure why I assigned them to the male gender. It does make for a better story, though.

I woke up on Monday of this week, Monday of all days, and rolled out of bed. The first thing I always do is put my Crocs on. (I have bad arches, so I HATE to walk around bare-footed.) As you can tell from the pictures, the toe-thingy broke right in two. I could have cried. Needless to say it set the tone for my whole Monday.

For Better for For Worse. I am not giving up on Crocs. Diligently, I went to Stockdales this morning where they have all their summer Crocs 50% off. (don't get too excited, because unless you were a size 11 or 12 women's, I bought the only remaining size 7). I am not sure I will ever love my pink Crocs like I did my brown ones, but I am going to try.

Wish my luck as I begin this new adventure in a relationship with my new shoes.

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The Thomas Family & Zoo said...

I do understand the shoe thing. My shoe thing is just with flip flops. Any kind of flip flops. My family accuses me of letting the dogs eat mine just so I can go get another pair. I cannot walk past a shoe aisle of shoe store without looking for flip flops and watch out if I find a pair I fall in love with. Last year in November, I purchased five pair at the Academy and they were all half price. I was going to get more, but Steve talked me out of them so I could buy some boots to keep my feet warm when I clean the kennels. Why do men have to be so realistic??