Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Gingerbread House

My mother, in a effort to win grandmother-of-the-year, bought a gingerbread house for the girls to make/decorate. So on our inaugural Christmas Baking Day, we decided to let the girls decorate away. Unfortunatly we did not read the directions before we got started. Mom had apparently bought the really super-duper gingerbread house kit---you know, the one that takes 1-2 hours between each step to dry? UGH!

Only later did I compare notes with friends and found out that the non-brand name house kit only took 30 min. to assemble and was a LOT easier. Oh, well! Next time.

The kids were so frustrated; as were Nanny and I. The pictures you see are of two very sleepy girls who started the house before nap and finished it 3 hours later (after they awoke.) They were cranky and not very happy to be doing anything other than drinking chocolate milk and watching Noggin.

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Susan said...

I see you have a kitchen aid mixer. That is one appliance in my kitchen I couldn't live without!!! Looks like yall had fun even though smearing on icing can be more complicated than it looks!!

nicole said...

I think next year we will start ours in the MORNING because we waited until after dinner, and I ended up staying up until way past my "bed time" finishing the last touches with the icing that I didn't want to dry up over night. (And I was NOT going to leave it until the next day...everyday already had so much packed into it!):-) Looks like they had fun despite the wait.

Elizabeth said...

I feel your pain! We had the same one--next year I am just going to do the old fashion one with a milk carton and icing.

Leslie said...

If your not planning on eating any of it, next time hot glue the pieces together on the inside instead of using the icing. Then use your icing on the outside to decorate it. Much faster & stronger too!

The Travis's said...

I swear the icing on the Gingerbread house pulled a muscle in my wrist. Those things are crazy! The kiddos ate all the candy before I got the icing on anyways. Ours was really pathetic and had no candy:(