Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crazy Hands and a Cute 2 Year Old

Last night at dinner Ella started whining about her hands hurting. I just assumed it was another ploy to NOT eat. There is a new drama every night with her. I just wish I disliked food as much as she does! Anyway, after a while the crying had gotten worse and she actually appeared to be uncomfortable. Her hands were blotchy, red and swollen. We still don't know what caused it but she was quite uncomfortable.

Ella's painful expression

Don't they look awful?
So, during this drama my favorite 2 (almost 3) year old needed to do something to get some attention herself. In typical Lucy fashion that meant a little comedy---Lucy style!

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Amy said...

Bless Ella's heart! Her hands look awful!! Hope she is alright!

Kendra said...

Every family needs a little comic relief...maybe Lucy will grow up to be an expert scene-stealer on the big screen!

Gyllenhammars said...

About struggling to get Ella to eat: Alex is the same way!!! It is such a job every meal. I feel your frustration!