Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Morning.....part 1

Santa was so good to us this year. Too good, to be honest. The girls had a wonderful Christmas and got exactly what they wanted. Ella wanted a singing Barbie and a swimming baby. Lucy wanted a swimming puppy and a bike.

The Great Haul

The morning ritual, even on Christmas day. Lucy cried when I told her it was time to open presents, because she just wanted to drink her milk and watch Mickey Clubhouse.

A Snow White dress for her American Girl doll, Mary.

Remeber this nightgown. There will be a great story about it to come...

Lulu rides her new bike. I moved all the furniture around so that she and Ella could have a clear path to ride downstairs.

The Swimming Puppy

The Swimming Baby

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nicole said...

I bet they will love those swimming things when "pool time" rolls around! We may have to get us one of those swimming puppies, too.