Friday, January 30, 2009

Colorado, Part 1 (finally)

Here is the first set of pictures from our Colorado trip. You will notice that the majority of these pictures are of Lucy. Well, it's really the only outdoor activity she was able to participate in so we took lots of pictures. I wouldn't want her to think we took her out there and just left her at the cabin, now would I?

In the middle of town, there is is great sledding hill. The city of Winter Park recently did some major renovating to the area and its great. We were so surprised at how much it had changed in 9 months. The girls loved it, but it was freezing. I think it was roughly 15 degrees when we were sledding. The sun was going down, too, so that made it even worse. You wouldn't know it by their expressions, but they were icicles.

Getting ready for take off!

Lucy just lauched herself from the top of the hill and was loving every minute of her "free fall."

Sweet Sisters

Ella cracked us up on her toboggan. We think she is missing her calling living in TN. She could propel herself from the top of the hill and lay back as if she were riding a luge. It was hilarious.

Ella with our cousin, Alexandria. She was a great sport and had more fun than she let on. She's almost 16 so she had to maintain a little "cool."

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Christi said...

Ooohh, looks like so much fun! Wish we got snow like that around here.