Monday, January 26, 2009

Cain Austin Clinkscales

Not to belittle the post that I just made, but I think this is worth it. Sort of goes hand-in-hand, actually. Our Sunday School class was made aware of a little boy named Cain who will be born in about a week. His mother (i don't even know her first name) wrote me the sweetest email thanking me for posting the link for Baby Harper. She was going to be praying for her.

I was floored. I wanted to say "Really?!?" "You are about to give birth to a baby with 6 congenital heart defects and yet you are praying for someone else's child?" But that's not what I said. That's because I know that's what prayer does. It allows you to fall on your face before Jesus Christ and get back up with a renewed spirit. Prayer gives you the courage to face your own challenges while still having the capacity to carry another's burden. Prayer surpasses all of our fears and anxieties. Prayer allows us to know peace.

So instead, I said to Cain's mother "we will conttinue to pray for baby Cain as he prepares to enter this world and we will pray for you and your family as you prepare for the days, weeks and months ahead of you."

And, just like that, I have a new sister in Christ. One I will continue to pray for until her son's little body is healed.

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3 "A's" and a "B" said...

THank you Kate for encouraging my dear friend. God is going to work His magnificent wonders through Cain's life.