Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas with Theroses

Theroses has become a bit of an inside joke and its a funny word to say. A dear, sweet older lady in the church knitted (or crocheted) a piece for my parents that says The Roses. She forgot to put a space in between the two words and it reads THEROSES. When you say it it sounds like a really bad disease or something. But, I digress.

The Sunday before Christmas we had the chance to visit with the Rose side of the family. It's been 3 years since we have been able to attend Christmas at my grandparents', since we are usually in Maryville. We were really excited to be there and enjoyed seeing my cousins that we never see. Alisa and her family were up from Orlando and her sister Carla brought her family. Carla has 4 children (1 set of twins) under the age of 4! God bless her.

The much anticipated Singing Barbie

My cousin Alisa

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Kirk and Emily said...

Don't you love geting together with your family at Christmas. I have 1 cousin. Yes 1, my mom has a brother that has 1 son and that's it. It is so lonely around here until a big holiday comes!

nicole said...

Love all the pictures, but especially the one where Lucy has her hand over Daddy's mouth? Was she blocking his kisses or trying to keep him quiet? hehe