Sunday, October 19, 2008

What Did You Do on Saturday?

This Saturday was one for the record books! What a fun, busy day. We had a 9:00 soccer game (see previous post for pictures) and then Ella's friend Mary Gracen came over to play while her mother prepared for our night's festivities (more to come on that.) All 3 girls played outside for 2 hours while Erik and I sanded the front door. It had no less than 5 coats of varnish on it and was in horrible shape. We had been waiting for the weater to be cool enough and Saturday was a great opportunity to start this project. (notice I said start, NOT complete)

After a picnic lunch, the girls took a bath and then a long nap. Erik painted the front bay window and I made food for that night. After the girls woke up, the babysitter arrived and it was time for mine and Erik's night to begin.

Pictures and details of Saturday night's excitment will follow in the next post. I am still waiting on pictures from my friend, Kendra :)

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