Friday, October 10, 2008

Santa Came Early This Year

It appears as if Santa came to the Krull children a little early this year. A 4-wheeler was purchased for the "Rose Grandchildren" yesterday and seeing as Ella and Lucy are the only Rose grandchildren, you will have a hard time convincing them that the 4-wheeler is not "theirs." They both love it and rode it until way past dark last night. Momma is still a little apprehensive about them riding, but it is throttled down very low and they ALWAYS wear a helmet. Thanks Santa-Pops!


Christi said...

Okay, maybe it's because Ethan's turning 3 this week, but I feel a little sad thinking how they are big enough now to be doing things like this. They really do grow up fast!

Sarah said...

ok, if you let them do this then you are definately not a "smother mother"! ha!

Amy said...

Oh the memories! My parents bought me a 3-wheeler (keep in mind that this was in 1983) when I was in kindergarten. It was a Honda 70, tiny of course. I rode that thing until Daddy finally made me realize that I was too big for it. Boy did we (Brandon and I) tear up the neighborhood. It was so much fun. I can remember that huge helmet that they made me wear. I looked like a stick with a watermelon on my head! hehe