Saturday, October 4, 2008

T I G E R S Tigers!

If you are a Memphis fan, I don't have to explain what that title means. If you aren't a Memphis fan then you should become one! If you are a - gasp- UT fan, then there appears to be more wrong with you than this Blog cares to tackle!

Being a Tiger fan is not easy. (Have you seen our football record?) We always say "You don't love them because they are good. You love them because they are yours." With Erik and I having earned our undergrad degrees from U of M, we feel as if they are as much ours as anyone else.

I found this fabric last year and just got around to making pillowcase tops out of it. I think they turned out rather cute. Don't you?


~lillie~ said...

i love their tops; they are too cute! its times like this that i wish it was easier to dress up my boys...we are true blue tigers all the way! football, basketball, baseball, hey if they had table tennis we would be in the stands that's how much we love them! steve taught kyle to call any orange T he sees "the bad T"'s funny. (no offense intended Amy!)

Amy said...

no comment! If I can't say anything "nice" then I'm not saying anything at all! haha!!! Their tops are cute though...I can't be a sore loser!

Christi said...

Gooooooo Tigers! I'll post a pic of my cookies!

Alex Garrett said...

I am amazed that you still find time to sew. The tops are cute. I did attempt the pillowcase dresses recently, but my machine had so much dust on it I didn't do a great job.