Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spread the Word

Hello fellow Bloggers! I just wanted to tell you all about an idea I had the other day. Most of you have heard of Vista Print, right? http://www.vistaprint.com

Well, they always have free offers and usually will give away 250 business cards free. I had some made up, free of course, that I am going to send out with my Christmas cards this year. They have a cute saying and our blog address. I thought it was a neat way of letting all the people with whom I am not in contact via email know about our Blog!

Feel free to do the same!


nicole said...

Great idea! Thanks!

Amy said...

I just happened to do that too, but not free. I will remember this next time-ha!

-stephanie- said...

just read your prayer on Angie's blog. thank you.