Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday Scavenger Hunt

Saturday night was the much-anticipated scavenger hunt. A group of 10 couples met up at one house and then we drew names to see who would be on teams. We were given a list of different items we had to collect and each item was awarded a point value. We had 1.5 hours to gather as many items/take pictures as possible. The winner was awarded a cash prize.

Erik and I drew to be on Kendra and Donald Parr's team. I was really excited about this pick because 1. I just love Kendra to death and 2. She is as competitive as I am and 3. Donald and his "attitude" crack me up! He made us laugh the whole time we were running around like crazy people. He was so embarrased.

Although our team came in second to the ever-competitive Hensley/Sullivan team, I didn't mind. The money was donated to the Sullivan's adoption fund.

Here a a few pictures and descriptions. Dad, don't pass out. I didn't really get arrested. :)
I had to have my picture made in polic handcuffs. I literally ran down a cop car in the La Huazteca parking lot. At first, Officer Dowell was not too keen on our game but he eventually came around.

Our group had to take a picture on a slide. Poor Kendra. She is 13 weeks pregnant and hung in there with us like a champ!

This is our group with the guitar player at La Huazteca restaurant. He was more excited about getting his picture taken than we were about the whole game.

I had to pump a stranger's gas. Lucky for me she wasn't getting much. This was a timed game!

We had to bring back a picture of an owl. This picture was hotly contested, but it looks like an owl to me. What more do you people want?!?!?


Christi said...

Okay, so next time I will be much more specific about the "rules." In the adreneline rush of it all, I missed my own stipulations! Hate that we had to leave so early, but with all there was to do the next day and paying a babysitter by the hour, well, you know. I read one online that was themed. That would be fun, too. You know how I am about themes!

the freckled frog said...

Okay, since we left before the tallies were scrutinized, I'm just now learning we were robbed of our 1st place trophy...just maybe I'll check on the "newness" of our car. Ha!

Amy said...

I so missed out, and I hate it because I was looking forward to that night! Looks like you had a blast!

Kress Smith said...

I hate we miss it. It looks like ya'll had a blast.