Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Last Friday night I convinced Erik that we needed to go somewhere fun with the kids. At 2:00 I was a lot more ambitious than I was at 5:00, which was when we actually left the house. So instead of the trip to the "fun" pumpkin patch, I conceded to a trip to the pumpkin patch at Jones Orchards. I thought it was a little disappointing, but not the girls. They thought it was the coolest place ever. They were so excited. By the time we left we had walked that patch up and down 10 times, were covered in mud and had picked out the best pumpkin imaginable (at least to a 2 and 5 year old.)

Afterwards, we stopped at the new Milano's pizza in Millington. We sat right behind the big toy machine with the claw that reaches for, and almost always misses, those really cheap toys. Erik had chosen the location while I was paying for our dinner. At first I thought he was crazy. Lucky for us, however, a grandmother was there with her grandsons and she fed them quarter after quarter to play in that machine. I bet they spent no less than $20 that night. Worked out great for us, though. My girls were thoroughly entertained which meant that Erik and I got to eat a quite meal without any bickering or complaining from Ella or Lucy.

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~lillie~ said...

and the food was delicious I bet. I have to limit eating out for lunch but that is one of my "treat" places to eat!