Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Lucy will be celebrating her 3rd birthday this weekend. I will have a lot more to say about that later, I am sure. I really just can't believe it. When we met our cousins for an indoor swim the other week, Lucy received her first birthday present. Have you heard of the game Hullabaloo by Cranium? Well, if you have not....I highly recommend it. My girls love and best of all is that they can play by themselves. Really! No parental help required at all.

It's like an easy game of Simon Says without the tricky-ness. Anyway, I like it a lot!

Dad gets in on the action. This is the game yells "Freeze!"

Lucy sitting on a green

Ella does a victory leap!

Striking a funny pose.

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Lori said...

hey kate, my boys love this game, too. they will play it for hours. we have lost several of the pieces so I think we will ask the Easter bunny for another one!!! thanks for the reminder of how fun this game is--for kids(and of course,Krik)!!!

nicole said...

That is awesome. I looked for that for Christmas and ended up with Cranium's "Cariboo"! It, too, is an awesome game that my boys love to play! And if they like Hulabaloo, they might like The Cat in the Hat "I Can Do That". We do. Check it out!

Elizabeth said...

We have this too. Another good one is Animal Scramble if you do not have it.

The Travis's said...

We love this game! We also like "Cariboo" just like your friend Nicole. Anything that the kids can entertain themselves with while I do laundry or unload the dishwasher is fantastic.