Saturday, March 14, 2009

February Snow

Yes! I am behind in my posting. How far behind you may ask. Well, let's just say I could sit at the computer for several hours and still not be done. There were a million things to be done around our house today, but we all choose to be lazy. Ella, Lucy and Erik all had naps and I created a movie with this fancy Microsoft movie maker software for our church. It's of our preschool and it will be shown tomorrow morning during service. (Erik helped, too.)

As I begin to catch up, I thought I would start with the February snow pictures. Like everyone else I could not believe we got so much snow in February! Erik and I were with friends for a mini-vacation while this all happened. While we were enjoying snow-skiing in the Rocky's snow, apparently you guys were livin' it up back home, too! I was proud my girls got the chance to romp and play all the same. My parents were super-troopers (a little Abba anyone?) and let Ella and Lucy frolic and play all day long!

Nanny with Ella and Lucy. Snowman #1 in the making

Nanny and Lucy
Ella with all 4 of the snowmen they created!

Then on the very last day before we got home, my dad got our make-shift "sled" out for the girls. It's this old plastic drum (that probably once contained some kind of horrid farm chemical) that my dad cut in half and we pull the kids behind the 4-wheeler. It's histerical!

Ella and Lucy circa Feb 2009
Ella and Lucy circa Feb 2008

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