Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl

(Lucy at her 3rd birthday party. Notice the bike dress? She had a bike-themed party)
Today is Lucy's 3rd birthday. 3rd! I can hardly believe it. Actually, I can't believe it at all. These past three years have just gone so fast. My baby girl is growing up so quickly.

Little Lucy has brought so much joy to our life. She is a bundle of energy and loves to make you laugh. She has such a carefree nature and quite honestly does not care about rules and regulations. She just does what she wants to do. I think that is why I love her so much. You see, I am just the opposite. I am a pleaser, perfectionist and, at times, rather up-tight. I always have to follow the rules and sometimes just don't have the ability to let my hair down and live vicariously. Not my Lucy. She is so opposite of me, and I am really glad of that.

Lucy and spend every morning together while Ella is at school. During this time, we have really done some bonding. (I sometimes feel guilty that Ella and I never had that experience. ) I feel so blessed and thankful to God and Erik for allowing me to stay at home. I would never trade the time I have with my girls for all the paychecks in the world. They are truly the greatest gift ever.

Both of my girls will always hold a special place in my heart. It's hard to imagine that I could love them any more than I already do. Happy 3rd birthday Lulu. Mommy loves you more than words. You are my sunshine, sweet angel.

Lucy is 2 years old

Lucy just 4 weeks old


Sarah said...

happy birthday sweet girl! we love our lucy:)
and are you sure that baby with dark brown hair is lucy???

Kendra said...

Time does fly...I remember bringing you dinner when Lucy was born (I do recognize that sweet brunette baby). That seems like it was maybe a year ago.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! She is adorable. Time goes by so quickly, and I think you do not notice it until you have children. Hope you all had a great birthday celebration.