Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The 2nd Shiner

This is Ella.....with her second shiner

Last night at swimming lessons she tripped in the ladies locker room and went hurling towards the corner of a wooden bench. Face first! It really was as bad as it looks.

But to put it all into perpsective, she's still so darn cute. Isn't she?

And, most importantly, a hug and kiss from Daddy still makes everything better. As soon as she fell she started crying for Erik. Hasn't left his side since we got home.

Oh, and did I mention that we have graduation pictures tomorrow? That should be interesting.

For old times sake, her is a picture of her first shiner. It was caused by a reaction to some kind of fly insect that stung her. Still don't know what did it. This was the spring of 2007.

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Amy said...

Bless he heart! She's a tough one that Ella!! And you're right. She still looks so darn cute :)

Elizabeth said...

Ouch! Poor thing! Kids have perfect timing with big events, something always has to happen so that you have tons of pictures to remember it by.

Kendra said...

So, is it safe to say picture day will be Ella's first experience with concealer?! :) That looks like it REALLY hurt!

glitzen said...

Owie! she is super cute anyway. Boy oh boy, kids are sure tough. Makes my eye hurt to look at it!