Monday, July 28, 2008

Never Too Young

Our first attempt at skiing!

What did I post some time ago about wanting my kids to love the water? Well, this past weekend we had a first....almost. My dad bought a pair of training skiis for Ella. I really thought she would just jump right on it, since she snow skiis so well. She really, really liked the idea of water skiing, but not being able to see what is under the water must throw her for a loop. She played in them at the cabin and then wanted to play with them in the water, but NOT behind a moving boat. So we came up with an alternative plan. Erik and our friend, Nelson, stood on the boat and pulled the rope really hard and fast. She is so tiny that she was able to pop right up out of the water. It was so funny. However, at the end of the day Ella sumed it up in one concise statement..."I don't want to ski until I learn." Makes sense to me!

Lucy gave it a whirl, too!


~~Kerri~~ said...

This is absolutely too cute for words!

Amy said...

Well of course not, MOM! You can't ski until you learn- hehe!! I just hope that when she "learns" she'll have a better luck than I did. I just about wore those trainers out before I FINALLY got up. I'm sure she'll do great.