Sunday, July 27, 2008

Boot Camp 101

This past week I successfully completed my very first Boot Camp. 3 hours of intense exercise (mainly outside) for 5 straight days. The first day it was 99 degress outside. The hotest day of the year so far. Each day we would start with a walk/run. Usually 3-5 miles; one day with an 8 pound weight in my backpack. By Wednesday I had 4 blisters on my toes. But I persevered. I am very proud of myself and don't mind telling you about it. After years of battling health issues that were greater than myself, I am thankful to have renewed health and energy (along with a peaceful mind.)
If anyone is interested in a great place to exercise and develop a good network of friends, I recommend Barr Belles here in Covington. One year ago I could not have even made it through 20 min. of moderate exercise. Now, I just love it!


Kress Smith said...

Hey Girl! I plan on joining this week. I need to get my boby moving. Congrats on you success.

Amy said...

GOOOO KATE!!! Great job!