Monday, February 9, 2009

Only and Month Late....

It's my turn to show what my girls did on our only snow day of 2009 (I am assuming). First of all...what a let down. At least to two little girls who spent a week in Colorado. Talk about getting spoiled. They still had a nice time, even though they got too cold to stay out there for too long. It might have been 10 degrees in Colorado, but it's just a different type of cold. Tennessee has such a wet, damp cold. Guess all the humidity is to thank for that.

This child loves a bike. It's her favorite thing to do. Did I mention that her birthday party was a "bike" party? Her decision!

If there ever were a Snow Angel....this is what she would look like.

Lucy posing on the playhouse

I just love this picture.

This is in our back woods. The water had iced over and Ella had such a fun time cracking the ice with her feet. It made a cool sound she said.

Our huge trees looked beautiful covered with all the fresh snow.

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