Friday, February 20, 2009

Look What I Did!

Ok, so I have this Supper Club thing at my house this Saturday night. There is paint to touch up, baseboards to finish scrubbing, dusting and windexing to do and, of course, decorating. HOWEVER....this is what I chose to do today instead:

I made korker hairbows. Aren't they just too cute? Can't you all see Lucy in her pigtails sporting these babies? Don't worry. Ella got a one, too. Hers is just a tad bit larger.

As I have learned over the past few years, there is a massive cult-like following of all things Gymboree. You people are crazy! There are websites totally devoted to listing all the Gymbo lines and each piece ever created within that line. For those of you who don't know anything about Gymboree, then this does not mean anything to you. Sorry! Come back later for another equally riviting post about something that matters to no one but me everyone.

In addition to lisitng the Gymboree lines, women take color charts into the stores and pick out grosgrain ribbon to match each of these lines. Then they go home and make M2MG bows. In laymans terms that means "Made to Match Gymboree" hairbows. Most of them are really pretty, but cost a small fortune. Well, anyone that knows me can attest to the fact that I am a hairbow fanatic. I will post a picture tomorrow of our hairbow wall. It's almost embarrasing. But I firmly believe that 2 little princesses could never have too many hairbows.

So, a hairbow makin' I commenced. I started by picking out the perfect Gymboree outfit. Luckily for me I had lots of Gymbucks left over from Christmas. The girls got this shirt with matching turquoise polka dot bermuda shorts.

Then I went to this website to find out which ribbons I would need. I chose these:

Then the fun really began. I bought wooden dowels from Home Depot and started wrapping ribbon until I had blisters on my hands....literally. (If you look closely at the last picture you will be able to see how dry my hands stay in the winter. They bleed all the time. It's really rather yuck.) Then I placed them in the oven and baked them for about 25 min. Really! I baked them in the oven!

This is what the ribbon looked like when I took it off the dowel. Perfect Korker ribbon!

And this, my friend, is my finished product.

Cute picture of my girls in their matching outfits with perfectly coordinating hairbow to follow. It is, after all, still winter.

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Elizabeth said...

Super cute! I love cute hair bows on little girls on those are adorable!

nicole said...

You should have called my mom. I can still remember her baking my ribbons in the oven. Don't you remember my BOWS!? You did great!It's nice to see they are still around! I better get busy makin some for MC. Lord knows she's got enough hair for one now!:-)

~lillie~ said...

I'm just glad you chose to do the bows instead of all the cleaning!! I have a problem with can't tell by looking at my house now but I do!
I am thankful for my boys but I would have loved to have had a girl to make bows for! You did great!

3 "A's" and a "B" said...

they did turn out great. Email me the temp of the oven and the website for the ribbon Please? I am ready to get started amongst the other many projects I am half-way through. you should see my kitchen table!!!

Kendra said...

Good job - I'll show these to mother!

Danielle said...

impressive and so, so cute! i'm hopeful olivia will get some hair before too long so she can wear cute things like this.

Laura Dawson said...

unfortunatley, after reading this, My poor Lane will never have a Korker hairbow made by her mommy! Looks like it takes a patient perfectionist, not me!