Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Last of our Ski Trip

These are a few of the highlights from our time in the house. We aren't there but for a few hours each night. Skiing is an all-day event for our family :)

The view outside our living room. Again, isn't God amazing?

Lu practicing for next year.

She's such a good sport. She woke up every morning and cheerfully rode with Nanny to take us to the slopes.

John Paul having a great time during some adult conversation.

This is a rather surprising picture. For those of you who know Ella, you know that she is NOT going to miss a party or any social outing. For her to fall asleep while we were laughing and being loud (refer to above picture of John Paul) is quite a testament to how tired she was at the end of each day.
There was a fox outside our kitchen door one morning. It was so cool watching him/her just lay around and then stroll off, like he was a domestic animal or something.

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nicole said...

The fox is pretty, but the "sleeping beauty" is prettier! :-)