Monday, November 10, 2008

Rock Band

One of our new favorite things to do is play the Wii. We are quite fortunate to have 2 sets of friends that have the game system and we take "advantage" of it every chance we get. We especially enjoy going over to Rebecca and Bubba Eaves' house because they have Rock Band--fully equipped with a Bass and lead guitar, drums and a microphone. It is so much fun to play. We all get way too serious, but still have a lot of fun.

Nelson and Susan taking their turns with the guitars.

Me rockin' the mic.

Erik's even got the tounge into it. You know he's VERY serious about his gig!

Bubba plays some mean drums.

Rebecca gives a shout out for her fans. I'm pretty sure she's singing some lame song by Boston.


Amy said...

Oh okay, I see what this thing is now. Wesley Mack got one for his birthday and was ecstatic about it. I was like YAY!! for you, but what is that thing? Not being parents, we aren't in to the whole Wii thing. So, I don't know much about it. I thought about getting Erik a Wii for Christmas, but that might cause him to not come downstairs EVER. He already has a PS2 that I bought him a few years ago. Its enough trouble as it is. Looks like you guys have fun though!

April Howard said...

Ha! I'm glad to see we are not the only people who spend our Saturday nights with friends playing this game! We still the Wii from the boys and have too much fun!

Kendra said...

What's this I see? The choir drop out singin' on the Wii? :) Ha! It's nice to know we don't really have to "grow up" just b/c we become parents. Sometimes, our children get to teach us how to play again.