Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Gloves are Off

Last year a group of us from church set out to revive the tradition of entering a float into the Covington Christmas parade. We has a cute idea and pulled it together with a meager budget and a few helping hands. It was fun and it turned out great, but we only won 2nd place in the judging. This is not why we built the float, but once we realized it was a competition, the gloves came off.
So this year, under the coaching of Kendra, we have set out to win that first place trophy. For fear of the competition checking my blog (ha!ha!) I am not going to reveal the final project. I do, however, have a few fun pictures from our first work night for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned for the final product.....

Sara, Amy and Amanda hard at work.

Neither of them has a clue!

Taking a quick break.

Erik mans the power tools.

Fearsome "leader" Craig

Amanda at the start of her delirium

Amanda calls it quits!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Who needs starbucks! You just don't get fun times/memories like this in the big city.

Hope you had a great thanksgiving.

-jennifer (wilson) thompson