Monday, November 3, 2008


Erik and I spent this past weekend in Hendersonville/Nashville hanging out with my cousin and his family and then we went to watch the Packers play the Titans. Erik is a HUGE Packers fan. Has been all his life, actually. Having had parents that are from Wisconsin, he did not have much choice growing up. So when my Uncle Randy offered us his 4th row, 35-yard line tickets, we could not turn them down. We had a wonderful trip and the game was so exciting. The Packers lost in overtime, but it was still fun to watch. Did I mention we were practically right on the field?!


Amy said...

How fun!!! We missed you guys Saturday night, though!!

Christi said...

I see Craig is representing the RIGHT team! J/K. As a former Nashville resident, I have to support my Titans!

Kirk and Emily said...

What a great game to be at. We watched it on TV. We LOVE the Titans!!