Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fall Fun

One of the favorite Fall activities around our house is jumping in leaves. And, seeing that our house has a zillion trees, there is never a shortage of leaves for them to jump in. If only we had someone to come rake the leaves into a big pile for them on a daily basis. And since we don't, they have to take what they can get. Erik had raked these particular piles on Sunday afternoon. We did not get around to jumping into them until Monday night. Night being 5:30, but still dark and cold!

Poor Dad, just a rakin' away. He is such a good sport and, clearly, loves his girls VERY much. did I mention it was COLD!?!?


Christi said...

Looks like fun!

Sarah said...

do the krull's want to come rake our leaves to jump in too? we'll let you!