Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Garden of Love

I don't think we can officially claim the name Garden of Love, as that is what we named Casey and Keith Anderson's garden before they were married. The Garden that Love grew :) he he. Anyway, this is our third year to have a garden. Each year we get a little more adventurous and add different vegetables. This year we added corn, green beans and eggplant for the first time. We can't believe how the corn has just taken off. It is doing really well. We have had more rain this year than in the past so it has been a bit tricky!

As we were driving to the lake this past weekend I did not notice homes or cars. What I did notice, however, was other people's gardens. Oh the envy I felt upon seeing a massive home garden with rows and rows of each vegetable. What I would not do for such a sight in my own yard. Maybe one day. For now I will be content with our garden--the garden that all four of us have worked hard to create. Now, if we could only get inside the house without eating all the raspberries and cherry tomatoes first...


Sarah said...

ok, don't talk about envying other people's gardens...my two tomato plants and one zucchini are getting their feelings hurt! and still no vegetables!!!!!!! i think i'm just going to come steal some of yours.

The Thomas Family & Zoo said...

Hi Kate,
This is your Aunt Jill. Your daddy gave me your blog and I have added you to my list of favorites. You are now linked on my blog. Your girls are truly beautiful. I am so thankful to be able to see them grow now. My blog is thethomasfamilyzoo.blogspot.com.
Love ya'll.

Amy said...

How I wish I had somewhere to put a garden! Living here, we barely have a yard to mow! hehe. Everything looks great, but Ella and Lucy are the cutest little vegetables you've ever grown!
Smiles to You!
Amy B