Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crab Races at the Marina

As a general rule, our family does not eat out. I wish I could say it was because we try to save money, but it is really because Ella and Lucy are the worst diners ever! Since they were born neither of them have been good eaters. We've decided that Ella just does not like food and Lucy is rather hit or miss. Some days she eats, some days she does not. I wish I had that problem.

So our last night at the beach we were all a bit stir crazy and really wanted to venture out of the condo. Erik, my mom, me and the girls pressed our luck and decided to try Calypso Joe's. As expected, the food was ok (not nearly as good at the shrimp or crab legs we made in the condo) but the atmosphere was great. There was no wait since we got there early and the girls had a blast. VERY kid friendly. It is located on a marina so there was a lot to do. At the end of our dinner they had hermit crab races. Both Ella and Lucy each won a race. Boy! Were they excited.

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Sarah said...

we might have to do this!
we'll see you week after next:)