Monday, April 13, 2009

One Strep, Two Strep, Three Strep Four

Since January, Ella has had strep 3 times and tonsilitis once. You can only imagine how frustrating this has been for us all. But, apparently, we are not the only ones. In her preschool class there are 9 children. 2 have already had their tonsils removed this year, one is having it done this week and we go to the ENT tomorrow to find out if we could possibly be next. Obviously we will try to avoid any surgical procedure we can, but man! This is becoming quite exhausting.

Unlike some other kids, Ella hardly has any symptoms. You would hardly know she was sick except for a very low-grade fever and a sore throat. I guess we are fortunate in that regard.
So, if you were a sick child what would you look like? Do you think you would look this cute?

I didn't this so! This is sick Ella. Not too shabby, huh?

Unlike me, Lucy has really enjoyed Ella being sick. Actually, Lucy doesn't realize she's sick. She just thinks Ella is staying home to play with her. And play they have....

Lucy is not usually that interested in playing dress up. However, with Ella home she's been pretty much willing to do whatever Ella wants.

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Christi said...

The strep that is going around this year seems to be terribly antibiotic resistant. I have a friend that also has it again and has been placed on 20 days worth of antibiotic!

The Thomas Family & Zoo said...

What adorable little girls! I just love the dress up pictures. The one of sick Ella is beautiful. Please let me know what the doc says.