Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Visit

Since Erik's parents are now both officially retired, they have been making more frequent trips to visit. When they come they stay for about a week. Before you sigh, please know that I love it. Some women would dread the in-law visit, but not me. I love having them here. For several reasons, I guess.

First of all it's nice having someone else in the house. I have mentioned before that I think the hardest part of being a stay at home mom is the loneliness I feel most days. Even now as I write my girls are sleeping, but I long for companionship. I would turn on K-Love, but I'm afraid to wake up the girls. I guess them sleeping is, in reality, more important to my sanity (and theirs) than music.

I also love it when they are here because my girls get to spend much-desired time with their grandparents. Oh how I wish we all lived so close together. They literally long for the time they have with them. When it's been a while since the last visit, the girls will start to talk about them several time a day. It's really sweet and sad all at the same time.

Lastly, my husband is seldom happier than when his parents come to visit. You can just see it on his face. He loves being outside with this Dad and just savors every moment with his Mother. They have a fantastic relationship and I just wish so badly that they were able to spend more time together. We really try to make the most of every moment they are here.

So when they came to visit in March, we did lots of fun things:

We measured the girls. We do this every 6 months, on their birthdays. It just so happens that they are in exact 6 month increments in the calendar year. Lucky us!
This is the piece of 1/4 round that I bought to measure them. It's nothing fancy, but if we ever move from this house we will be able to take it with us.

We made bread. I have written about this before, but the girls love to do this with Grandma. I could do this myself, but really. Isn't it nice for them to have that special memory with Grandma? (and it is a huge pain in the you-know-what to clean up afterwards. Flour ends up all over the kitchen)

Dancing with Grandpa while playing Cranium!

Mroe Cranium broo-ha-ha!

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Lori said...

What absolute PRICELESS memories the girls will have. Love those GRANDparents!! Such a blessing to both children and parents!!!

Sarah said...

i love his dad dancing! grandfathers are the BEST!