Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy 40th Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!!

I can only hope that Erik and I will happily celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary with the same enthusiam that his parents recently did. I have never seen them so happy. Erik's family lives in Maryville, TN, just right outside the the Smoky Mountains. In fact, until recently you could see the mountains from his parent's back deck. However, the super nice back yard neighbor has planted a row of tress that have basically blocked all that view. But, I digress.....

His sister Cheri, from South Carolina, and her family and his sister Holly, from the DC area, and her daughter all made the trip to help celebrate their anniversary. On top of that, Judy (grandma) and Merl (grandpa) have both retired as of this year so that was a big milestone to celebrate as well. We all rented a phenomenal cabin in the mountains and then had a nice reception for them at their church on Sunday.

The cabin was amazing. We had such a great time. I only wish we could have spent a few more days there. The kids enjoyed the hot tub, or "hot pool" as my children call it, the most. Take a look at Lucy with her floaties in the hot tub. How funny!

Happy Anniversary and Retirement Merl and Judy!

From left to right: Cheri, Erik, Judy, Merl and Holly

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ayamlin said...

I'm Aya. I live in Tokyo.
I found your blog by coincidence.
Your daughters are really cute.
that's why I wanna say it and write a comment.
your family looks like being very happy.
seeing it, I feel happy, too:)
By the way I like American dramas and music. so I'm interested in US.
the most favorite drama is LOST and brothers and sisters:)