Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Children's Museum of Memphis

We recently made a trip to the Children's Museum of Memphis. My friend, Amanda, and I were trying to get a head start on birthday party planning. With her going back to work this week, we knew that we would be rushed come party day. So....we had this bright idea to take her two kids and my two kids with us shopping. As the kids reward we would go to CMOM. Yeah right! We made it to the museum and that was about it. By the time we spent 3 hours there, we were lucky to work in lunch and a quick trip to Wild Oats Market (had to get Lucy her special milk). The kids had a blast, and as you can tell from the pictures Lucy did not want to leave!

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The Thomas Family & Zoo said...

Hi Kate,
Your children are so beautiful, but as I have told your dad, our family is lucky. Due to the heritage of beautiful people, we are not capable of having anything other than beautiful children!!! Okay, I have a HUGE request. Please put some pictures of YOU on this blog!! I love ya'll and thankful for the blogs. At least I can see pictures of you all. It makes me feel closer to you.
Love ya'll,
Aunt Jill