Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All About Lucy!

For those of you who have more than one child, it is a weird thing. From the time you become pregnant with your second (or third or forth I would assume) you wonder. You wonder how they will be different, how you will love more than one, how this next child will fit in with the family. It's a bit of a scary venture.

Even for myself, having my second child was a real adventure. For the longest I tried to compare Lucy with Ella, my oldest child. She was 100% different than Ella. She did not walk at the same time, talk at the same time, and their personalities are as different as night and day.

Erik and I have decided that Ella looks like his mini-me (really, she does) but is me wrapped up into one high-strung, talkative, loud and impatient bundle like me. Lucy looks like my younger sister, Rebecca, but is Erik all over again. She has the most care free personality in the world.

I just love that little girl~! (and by the way I love my Ella despite the fact that she is a little Kate. He He!)

Here are some pictures of Lucy recently.


~lillie~ said...

Hi Kate, I happened upon your blog and I had to tell you that your insite on the second child is very interesting. As you know, we have the new baby and I find myself comparing him to Kyle. I don't mean to it just happens and it's nice to know I'm not the only one. I love reading about the girls! by the way, Happy Birthday!

Sarah said...

love the pix's of lucy...and you know i know about the second wild child's!
oh-and like the new music. i felt like i needed a glass of wine and someone smoking a cigar near for that one!!!