Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Mighty Hunter

Growing up in a small town, all I knew was here. I knew men that hunted, fished, rode 4-wheelers, farmed, etc. I just assumed that that was the kind of man I would marry. After all, I too, enjoyed those things. It's just how I grew up. Then after high school, I moved off to the "big city" and never looked back. My first week at school, I saw my future husband from across the way and I had an immediate feeling that he was the man I was going to marry. I did not even know his name. I just knew.

All those visions of what I thought my life would be came to a screeching halt. He was nothing like any guy I had dated or met. He was so smart and articulate and athletic and handsome and well, the list could go on. He was the perfect man for me. He does like to ride 4-wheelers, can snow ski like a champ and loves nature. He is the best father 2 little girls could have and a wonderful helpmate and friend.
Recently Erik got to test out those hunter instincts that every man is supposedly born with. We have been plagued by moles since be moved into our house. They have destroyed our back yard. Erik reminds me of Bill Murray on Caddy Shack with those darn moles. If they weren't so hard on our yard, it would almost be funny. Well, we were outside earlier this fall watching the girls jump in our leaves. Erik came to a sudden halt and just froze. He looked down and slammed his hand on the ground. We all jumped and stood in amazement as we watch him pick up this little mole that he had just killed.
It wasn't a 10-point, but I was still proud of him. Our Might Hunter.

The Great Catch

He got this with his BARE hands!


Sarah said...

i knew people occasionally killed mosquitos or other bugs with their bare hands...but moles??? that is crazy! did he send his catch off to be mounted? will there be a stuffed mole above the mantel soon?

Amy said...

I agree with Sara. You should definitely stuff the little fellow. Erik should've been here when I found "Stewart Little" trying to get out of my jacuzzi tub one morning. Poor thing just could climb out and was very upset! He was sliding and squealing!

Christi said...

How funny! Way to go Erik!

Elizabeth said...

What a great hunter! Your post was so funny I was laughing out loud.

Laura Dawson said...

I scanned the text of the post, not reading word for word, and was certain i was going to see a pic of Eric with his first Big Buck! Hilarious!

~lillie~ said...

this story is so funny; i love the way you tell it. it has a special meaning to me because i too married a "city slicker" so i know exactly what you are talking about. hats off to erik!